Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea and Spectre were surrendered to us after being chained all their lives. Spectre is a joyful lab mix who is now a SNIPSA dog and lives with us. Sweet Pea is a gentle Pit Bull who is being fostered in a local home. Good Pit Bull rescues are hard to find and completely swamped, so the unwanted and unloved pit bulls in this town have a rough break.

Sweet Pea switched foster homes today. Her previous foster family dropped her off to be fixed this morning, and Adam picked her up this afternoon. She rested comfortably in our home and was briefly reunited with her sister, Spectre. Adam is now dropping Sweet Pea off at her new foster home. The situation is up in the air, but they hope to offer her a forever home if things work out right. Here's hoping she will never have to make a pit stop at our home again. Pun intended.

PS - I am surrounded by eight sleeping furballs here in the living room. It would be ten if Reina and Big Stan weren't in their bedrooms. :-D

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