Saturday, May 23, 2009

Upcoming SNIPSA Event

SNIPSA will host an adoption event on May 30 at the Starbucks on Broadway and Joliet in Alamo Heights from 9 am to 1 pm. Come on out to check out our furry friends! Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Permanent Pack

Four year-old male Weimaraner-Lab mix
This is Mason half-asleep on his fourth birthday.

Three year-old male Chow mix

Three year-old male Husky mix

Five year-old female Collie mix

Five year-old female Rottie-Collie mix

Nine year-old female Rottweiler mix

Seven year-old female Pointer mix

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wally & Molly

Wally and Molly are the two newest additions to our household. Wally previously lived the sad life of a chained dog, but his owner surrendered him and his three backyard companions during SNIPSA's "Big Fix". Wally is a rare red Rottweiler mix. He is a sweet boy, and right now he is gaining his strength so he can undergo heartworm treatment.

Molly is a terrier mix puppy who my students found in the schoolyard last Tuesday. We have not had any puppies around, so she adds a bit of spice to the pack. She is very intelligent and she gets along with all the big dogs. I am thrilled to have a tiny cute dog around.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Plans, Small Blog

This is an email I sent Adam when I first put up my blog...

I have big plans for this small blog. I want to add a list of the furry babies who have crossed our path. I want to add a list of resources and talk about upcoming events. I want to add pictures and other dog blogs I follow. I want to put paid banners up and a link to donate. And of course, I want to chronicle life with the pack and the rescues. I was even thinking you could make cameos on my blog...! :-D I want to inform, educate, and entertain. We can even use it as a tool for recruiting volunteers and fosters. The sky is the limit.

Caring for your Dog

1. High-quality food and treats, fresh water at all times, bowls
Buy the highest quality food you can afford; your pet will be healthier and live a longer life. Stainless steel bowls are nice; they can't turn into chew toys for the dogs.

2. Shelter, bed, crate (as needed)
Your dog should spend as much time as possible indoors. It increases the quality and length of their life. If outdoors they should have a place where they can take shelter from inclement weather; it's the law. When indoors pups will generally be happy to sleep anywhere - some like a nice puppy bed. Crates can be handy when you have to be away, when pets are still being housetrained, or when they are sick or injured and need to be contained.

3. Monthly preventative treatments
A topical flea treatment/preventative (about $10/month) and oral heartworm preventative (also about $10/month) should be given at the same time every month. You can get it from any vet. You can also get a two-in-one product such as Revolution, which is convenient and saves money - it is about $10/month.

4. Yearly wellness exam
Your vet will check to make sure your pet is well and healthy. They will give appropriate vaccinations and check for heartworms. This exam is very important for the health of your pet.

5. Leash, Collar, ID tag, registered microchip
An ID tag and microchip are invaluable if your pet goes missing. It is important to check your dog's collar every couple months to make sure it still fits properly. You should be able to slip two fingers under the collar comfortably. It should not be too tight or too loose. You should also register your pet with the city. You will need to provide proof of a current rabies vaccination and registered microchip.

6. Spay/Neuter procedure
Responsible pet owners alter their animals. It decreases health risks for them and helps keep animal overpopulation down - a major problem for the city of San Antonio.

7. Grooming items
Oatmeal shampoo and a good brush are really all you need. If your dog has floppy ears you might carefully clean them out with q-tips from time to time. If your pet is active their nails will usually wear down on their own. You can clip them or take them to be clipped as well. Teeth brushing is optional, but not necessary if you feed them quality food.

8. Toys
Nyla bones and Kong toys tend to last longer and provide hours of enjoyment. Supervise your pet to make sure they don't ingest parts of toys.

9. Love, Attention, & Exercise
Dogs are highly social creatures and loyal without end. The more affection you give them, the better your relationship will be. They should be played with daily, and highly active/anxious dogs should also be walked daily.

10. Training
Potty training and commands are fairly easy to teach with positive reinforcements. Praise your dog with a high-pitched voice when they do good, and give them a stern 'no' when they are doing wrong. Treats are also good reinforcements.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Big Fix - a Great Success!

The rescue organization we primarily work with held their first ever free clinic yesterday. It was a tremendous success! There were tons of committed volunteers on hand to make sure everything went smoothly. It was totally nuts and busy for 16 hours, but I loved every second of it. They originally planned to do 75 surgeries, but they did 106. We just couldn't say no to the walk-ups.

They altered the animals, vaccinated them, and microchipped them. San Antonio is the worst city in the country for euthanizing healthy dogs and cats (strays), and we held the clinic in the worst district in the city who represent the most euthanizations in town. Cra

Adam is also the local rep for a national anti-chaining organization (Dogs Deserve Better), and he got someone to surrender four chained-up rotties who were at the clinic. They all belonged to the same woman; they were just things to her. Sadly, two of them are heartworm positive. They are all already accepted into our rescue program, so they will receive all the medical attention they need. They are our new project. One of them, Wally, even came home with us. He is the sweetest boy ever; he is a rare red Rottie. Pictures to come soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Big Fix

Tomorrow SNIPSA is hosting a free spay and neuter clinic at St. Bonaventure church for people in the 78244 zip code; I believe that's district four and the district that has the most animals euthanized. Last Sunday, May 3rd, we distributed about 300 flyers to the neighborhood near the church. That's in addition to the 200 flyers Shannon and Becky distributed a few days before that. 700 flyers went out to the church congregation that same Sunday.

During the week I translated consent forms and discharge forms. Last night I made thirty-five reminder calls. They will be performing about 100 surgeries tomorrow in addition to giving rabies vaccinations and micro-chipping.

I am so excited to be part of this event. Hopefully there will be many more events like it in the future for SNIPSA. It is a huge undertaking and a very admirable one at that.

In similar news, someone anonymously donated $600,000 to the city for spay and neuter clinics. That's 12,000 surgeries. It is not a cure-all by any means, but it really warms my heart to hear about that. Some people do care.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recent Highlights

April 4
"Special Dogs for Special People" SNIPSA event at Alzafar Shrine. No adoptions; it was a quiet event.

April 20
Took Driver the Cat out to Rachel's for temporary foster care.

April 21
Adam went to Austin for the presentation of anti-chaining legislation. He met other DDB folks up there. Unfortunately, it did not make it out of committee.

April 25
Walked with SNIPSA in the Flambeau Parade with all the pups. Wonderful exposure for SNIPSA.

April 26
Took Driver the Cat to Sally's for long-term foster care.

April 27
Went to the Humane Society for the open forum featuring the mayoral candidates discussing animal welfare issues in San Antonio. Not horribly impressed or convinced by any one candidate. Micro chimps. LOL.

May 2
"Woofstock at Waterloo" SNIPSA event in Austin. Shannon received an award and a grant. It was a bit warm for the pups - not to mention the humans.


I'm so tired my eyes are burning. I feel super cranky. Here's why:

12:00 am - come home from quinceanera

1:00 am - go to bed after some web surfing

1:02 am - jump out of bed because the dogs start fighting

1:02 - 2:00 am - take care of the nasty gash on Spec's belly as a result of said fighting

2:00 am - go back to bed. again.

2:01 am - get up to clean up the pee I realize I stepped in; someone got a little overwhelmed during the fight

2:15 am - decide to go to sleep on the couch near Spec so I can moniter her through the night. discover that Katie is actually the one having accidents in the living room. clean that up, too.

3:45 am - wake up extremely ill. i will spare you the details.

4:00 am - back to sleep for the third time.

7:45 am - awakened by Stormy crawling directly on top of me and simultaneous barking from Stormy, Colby, and Sid. Lovely.