Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Wow, it's been awhile.

I should start by sharing that both the Benny and Tyler situations have been figured out. Benny was adopted several weeks ago by a great family out in Bulverde. Tyler is going to Spindletop Rescue near Houston. Such a relief.

My husband graduated on Thursday. Now he's just waiting a few more days (hopefully) for official orders. Then he can outprocess and come home on leave before heading to Hawaii.

The dogs are great. I took Nala for grooming last week; she looks absolutely gorgeous. I was very pleased to find this pet salon. It's called Le Paws.

Hmmm...what else? We had a couple more Big Fixes. All the dogs have their Rabies shots and FAVN tests done.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I plan to relax, spend time with friends, spend time with the pups, and CLEAN. I want the house to be decent when my husband comes home.