Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hawaii, Here We Come!

I've been trying to get some more momentum going to prepare for our move. I've cleaned out some more closets, cupboards, and drawers. This morning I cleaned, purged, and organized the garage. It looks so good now, and I feel so good having done it.

Thursday night I had a water leak situation with the toilet. The hard water buildup caused some problem with the pump; it got stuck and the tank continued to fill with water until it leaked out the handle area and started flooding the bathroom and hall. I immediately shut off the water to the toilet and the house - just for good measure. Hey, I panicked. Luckily with my husband's help I was able to assess the situation quickly, get it cleaned up, and come up with a plan of action. Now I just need to go buy a new pump of higher quality and replace the old one with it.

Yesterday I took Katie and Mason to start their quarantine process for Hawaii. I got their samples and paperwork sent in, Katie got a Rabies shot, and got Spec and Colby's results back. They passed - yay! Now I'm just waiting on all the other results, and I need to come up with another Rabies certificate for Katie girl. Then we're done with this step of the process.

Next weekend I have a birthday party for a special little girl as well as an Easter celebration with good friends. The following weekend is the next Big Fix. After that it will be four short weeks 'til the hubby gets home. Hooray! Then the wheels will be set in motion rather quickly for the big move to the island.

I heard from Freddie and Stan's mom that they are doing very well. I was so happy to hear that. Now just Tyler and Benny need to find their forever homes. We have moved lots of dogs out of here in the last six months: Camilla, Hank, Suzy, Freddie, and Stan.

How cute is Clara?!
16 April 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

To the Next Chapter

I know it's been awhile. Again. But the presenting problem was the same. I was processing everything that's been going on in my life.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, whatever that may be. The dogs are maybe halfway ready for Hawaii. I have to get Mason and Katie caught up with rabies documentation and FAVN tests. Then we have another round of appointments to get everyone's health certificates and then there's coordinating flights, crates, paperwork, etc. Exhausting.

Nala, Sid, the puppies, and Geneva have had rabies documentation/vaccinations and FAVN tests done. I had a great visit with my sister. She learned the shuffle procedure quickly, so I had some help that week. She also hung out with me at the last Big Fix, so she got to see what I'm up to down here.

Stanford went to his forever home; he now lives with Freddie bear. Tyler and Benny need to find their homes now. I have faith that it will all work out before we leave.

The doggies' daddy came home last weekend and surprised me. We took Nala, Colby, and Geneva to their appointment together. Colby had his shoulder x-rayed; it came back looking benign. Thank god.

That's about it. Another Big Fix is coming up on April 30th. I'm busy de-cluttering and organizing for the move. Now that I have my good camera back I'll post more pics of the pups.

Monkey says, "you're boring me". Haha.