Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Own Big Bad Dog Bite

I got bitten by one of our foster dogs on Wednesday night. Adam was introducing two dogs off-leash in the backyard. About five minutes into the introduction a fight broke out. I ran out to help. I tried to grab one of the dogs, but he didn't have a collar on making things harder. I tried to pull his back legs out from behind him, but he locked them up. Then Adam handed me the other dog by the collar (who was still being attacked). In his frightened state, he reached around and bit my right wrist. YEEEOUCH!

I cleaned it well and started taking antibiotics immediately. In terms of pain the first day was the worst; the pain made me nauseous. Sleeping was very uncomfortable for a couple nights. Thankfully I have not developed an infection, and it is feeling better every day.

From now on I'm using a broom or a hose to help break up a fight...!

18 Animals and Counting...

Well, hopefully not "and counting"! We're not the Duggars. Haha.

Right now we have:

Seven dogs of our own
Six Foster dogs
Five kittens

Things are INSANE! Our goal - ok, my goal - is to get back down to our seven plus two or three foster dogs. Even that is quite nuts.

Yesterday we took a day trip to Corpus. We transported a foster, got into some mischief with Tami from DDB, visited our Hunter boy, and somehow came back with five kittens and a stray dog. A good time was had by all!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet Georgie - DDB's Newest Rescue

A fellow SNIPSA foster and volunteer informed us that one of his neighbors had moved out of her home and left her dog behind - chained up in the backyard as he had always been. Given that Adam is the local DDB rep, people often refer these types of situations to him. We drove by today to check it out. He is well-fed by the neighbors who share his duplex and the SNIPSA volunteer, although he is infested with fleas and probably heartworm positive. He is coming to our home tomorrow. If anyone is interested in fostering him, please let me know. Our maximum capacity is twelve dogs; any more and things get really crazy. He will be number twelve, but we were holding that spot for Max, a collie mix who has been at Waco animal services for a year and a half. Georgie has already been accepted in SNIPSA's program, so his needs will all be provided for and he will be placed with his forever family.

Georgie Boy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Bad Dog Bite

Well, we thought it was about time to try putting Reina and Nala together again. Reina was previously labeled as extremely dog aggressive; she "did not get along with ANY dogs". After working with her and a trainer for a couple months last summer - and many visits with our dogs - she gets along with all of them except Nala. Because of this she cannot have free reign of the house; she lives separated by a baby gate in Adam's office.

I broke up a fight, or rather, an attack on Nala last summer and caught the brunt force of Reina's teeth on my left hand. I hesitated to go to the hospital, because of the repercussions for the animal. When it started to show signs of infection, we were off to the ER. The hospital filed a dog bite report, and we were contacted about quarantining Reina. Well, someone must have dropped the ball on that one, because no one ever followed through. We lucked out.

So like I was saying, we were giving it another go tonight with the girls. Not ten seconds into their little get-together Reina charged at Nala. Adam instinctively broke it up, but got bitten in the process. He has two wicked teeth marks in his left forearm. I could tell he was immediately in shock; all the while still holding the girls apart.

We immediately started contacting people for alternative ideas to going to the ER. If we go again this will be reported, and she already has a bite history. The possible outcomes would not be good. Of course I encouraged him to go, because his well-being comes first, but he is keeping it as a last resort.

SNIPSA's vet tech and office manager - I'll call her S - came through for us. Well, she and Dr. B. She went to Dr. B's house and had him write an antibiotic prescription for Adam. Keep in mind Dr. B is a vet. Haha. They understand where we're coming from and why we can't go to the hospital yet; they totally take care of us.

Yay for S, Dr. B, and Dr. S too, for that matter!

Animal Cruelty Report

Here is the email I sent yesterday to the animal control officer we know...

I found this dead dog on the way to work on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 7:15 am. It was located in a vacant lot on Commerce street between San Jacinto and Trinity. It appeared to have been dumped there. There were no apparent signs of starvation or external injuries. The circumstances of the animal's death seem suspicious. I reported it to 311 at approximately 7:45 am for dead animal pick-up. By 2:00 pm the dog had been removed from the lot. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


The pup I named Trinity...

Welcome New Additions - Talbot & Godiva.

Talbot was a stray in one of Adam's co-worker's neighborhoods. Adam went over one day to vaccinate his co-worker's foster dog, Emma, and he came home with Talbot. Talbot is an extremely sweet boy; he is a black Lab mix.

Godiva is a total sweetheart. She is a chocolate Lab mix who had a history of being aggressive with other dogs. However, Adam is quite the miracle worker, and she already loves all three of our dogs who she's been introduced to. If she can be "rehabilitated" in any home, it's ours for sure.

*Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farewell to a Few Furry Friends

Stormy girl and my Molly McButter went to their forever homes last weekend. Sir Wally went to his forever home last night. Right now our foster dogs up for adoption are: Big Stan, Spec, and Talbot - our newest addition.

Adam and his Stormy girl

Me and my Molly McButter

Gorgeous Wally Boy - his SNIPSA glamour shot

Adam has our next couple fosters lined up to come into our home. One of them is a chocolate lab named Godiva; apparently she is pretty aggressive, so we'll see what kind of progress we can make with her here in our home.