Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet Georgie - DDB's Newest Rescue

A fellow SNIPSA foster and volunteer informed us that one of his neighbors had moved out of her home and left her dog behind - chained up in the backyard as he had always been. Given that Adam is the local DDB rep, people often refer these types of situations to him. We drove by today to check it out. He is well-fed by the neighbors who share his duplex and the SNIPSA volunteer, although he is infested with fleas and probably heartworm positive. He is coming to our home tomorrow. If anyone is interested in fostering him, please let me know. Our maximum capacity is twelve dogs; any more and things get really crazy. He will be number twelve, but we were holding that spot for Max, a collie mix who has been at Waco animal services for a year and a half. Georgie has already been accepted in SNIPSA's program, so his needs will all be provided for and he will be placed with his forever family.

Georgie Boy

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