Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Joaquin the day he went home

Perhaps this is true for the March weather, but with our schedule getting busier it seems we are going out like a lion.

Joaquin and Nacho went to their forever homes. Sammy is going home today. We have a new house guest, Frederick. He was a stray Adam picked up yesterday at the Big Fix.

We had a successful event at the Big Fix altering 148 animals and vaccinating and microchipping them as well. It was a very long day as usual, but well worth it. Next one is coming up in May.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

Not the basketball sort. This month is flying by as usual. We had a pretty successful adoption event last weekend. Joaquin went to his forever home, and we have good leads on Nacho, Teddy, and Sammy boy.

We are going to a doggy birthday party this Saturday, which should be a blast. I am excited to take my Mason out to play with new doggy friends. We should probably go get the guest of honor a doggy present for her birthday.

On Sunday we are block-walking to paper the neighborhood where we are doing our next free spay & neuter clinic. We will take registrations if we see people outside; hopefully the weather cooperates and it is not super hot or rainy. The next Big Fix is on Saturday, March 27 at the Beacon Hill Presbyterian church.

I think we are also getting a new houseguest for awhile. Hank the Weimaraner will be staying with us while his mommy is deployed. I'm guessing he will love having lots of new friends to play with.

Dasher had his second FHO to repair his other hip. He is such an incredible trooper and never "complains" about anything. He should be ready to go to a forever home soon.

Finally, Tyler is now in his new foster home. He has regained the weight he lost at the sanctuary, and he is very happy with his foster mommy. We hope to make permanent plans for him soon.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rudy is Reunited with his Family

After months of being in foster care, Rudy was reunited today with his family. Both Rudy and his family are overjoyed to be back together. I am very proud of my husband for agreeing to help Rudy when he had no place else to go. I am also grateful to Adam's fantastic coworker for taking over Rudy's foster care so that he could have more space and attention.