Saturday, August 15, 2009

Talbot AKA "Jax"

While Adam was on his vacation Talbot found his forever home. He is now living with an active young couple and living a fantastic new life. I could not be happier for sweet Talbot!

Current SNIPSA Fosters

This is Rusty. He is a five year-old formerly chained dog. Rusty is a HUGE lovebug.

This is Godiva. Godiva is a six year-old owner surrender from ACS. Easiest lab ever.

This is Bandit. Bandit is a one year-old stray abandoned at a truck stop. He has an amazing temperament.

My Pup Nephew, Vincent

I went home from July 16 -23; it was a wonderful vacation. The weather was gorgeous, and I was reminded of how beautiful Wisconsin is - particularly where my family lives. I loved spending time with my awesome friends and family, including Vinnie Poo-Poo or "Pookie Bear". Vincent is a rescue from the Humane Society. He is a senior dog who had Lyme's Disease when my family adopted him. They treated his condition, and now he is living the good life.

It was strange to have only ONE small dog around. Especially when that one dog is old and cranky - not like the cuddle bugs I am used to. He is well cared-for and loved to bits. Here is a picture of Vinnie:

And Vinnie in the family portrait:

July 11: Chain-Off 2009

Adam, Wally & Wally's new dad

This year's Chain-Off was another success. Several media outlets came out to check out our event at Brackenridge Park. I had never been there; it is really quite lovely. I kind of think of it as San Antonio's own Central Park. I brought out Ilya, who had been rescued off a chain the very night before the event. Some of our friends came out to show their support as well. Even Wally boy, a formerly chained dog, came out with his new dad. We had a small adoption event afterwards at the Joske Pavilion. All in all, a good experience

Adam & Ilya