Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, Teddy Bear...

Teddy had another home visit where he had to pass the test with a cat. Unfortunately, this cat was rather reactive to him, which spurred a prey instinct in him. Needless to say he came back home with us that night. If he finds the perfect home we will place him, but if not he stays out the rest of his years with us. And I think that's just fine with him.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hooray - Daddy's home!

The doggies' daddy, that is. Picked him up yesterday from the airport. We had dinner out to catch up, then he played his new video game and I cleaned the bedroom. Now we're both home for awhile, so we just get to sit back and see what life unfolds for us this summer.

I'm really kind of anxious/excited to see if we will get orders anywhere this year. I am anxious/worried that we will get orders where we can't take all our dogs. I guess we would cross that bridge when we come to it. Then again, we could get someplace really cool where we can bring the dogs along. Hoping it's the latter.

I think I'm going to join Planet Fitness this week. The thought of jogging and being outside sounds completely horrible. Even if it's at night it's still ridiculously warm.

Still trying to keep up with daily chores and my room "zones" that I set up a long time ago. Last night went well. I am determined to keep up with it every day. I have to. I hate living in a disaster zone.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Race for the Rescues 2010 / C25K

I've decided that I'd like to train for a 5K. And not just any 5K - the annual SNIPSA Race for the Rescues. I think it's a 5K anyway. I hope it is...

Anyhow, my goal is to jog it without stopping. And how, you might ask, am I going to be ready for that? I found a training program online, C25K (Couch to 5K). It is a nine-week program that builds up your endurance for a 5K. I think it's a great goal to work towards and something to look forward to. Hopefully I can start when Adam gets home, and maybe he will even be my coach!

Seven Pounds a Day

...Of dog food, that is. I've calculated that the dogs eat seven pounds of dog food a day. And that's just the regular formula which doesn't include the puppy food and the diet food. So eleven dogs are eating seven pounds of food a day. Can that be right? We just went through a thirty-five pound bag in about five days. Fortunately, we can afford it, and it's a lifestyle we choose.

In other ramblings, I had my first dog fight tonight since Adam's been gone. The dogs were playing in the den and somehow Camilla got caught in the middle; Camilla did not feel like playing. She got cranky with them and four of them jumped her. She has a scrape on her "udder" and a pretty good puncture near her lady bit. Yay for hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and extra antibiotics that we have on hand. There's really nothing you can do but let it heal and try to protect against infection. The things you learn from a house full of rescue dogs.

Cranky Camilla

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Suck at Housekeeping

Or rather, I should say that I suck at KEEPING UP with it. I am pretty good at it when I have time to do it. I have a daily schedule and weekly schedule I would like to stick to. However, any little thing that comes to throw off my schedule usually can and does. Home visits for the dogs, running errands, and just choosing to spend a night on quality time together [like a Starbucks/Barnes & Noble night :)]have a way of popping up.

I will admit that about half the time I'm off my schedule is because I'm too tired to get at it. The whole having energy deal is another issue in and of itself. I'm trying to take better care of myself so I can take better care of my household, hubby, and pups.

Today I:

1. took care of the dogs (letting them in and out all day, feeding them, watering them, cleaning up after them, and giving them their monthly heartguard).

2. paid the bills, tracked the budget

3. did my daily chores including: make the bed, de-clutter the whole house & put stuff where it belongs, sort the mail, dishes, counters, sweep, empty the trash, and two loads of laundry.

4. putzed around in the yard, picking up random trash that blew in with the storm and putting yard tools up on the patio.

I still have to feed the dogs dinner, shower, and do some laundry so I have something to wear to work this week. Can't go naked. Yikes. That's an ugly thought.

Not housekeeping-related.
May 29, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Splash

Camilla - up for adoption!

We had an adoption event today at the Pearl Farmer's Market. It was super duper hot, and the people were dropping like flies - both the volunteers and the crowds. The dogs were cranky.

Now I'm home relaxing with the doggies. Debating whether I should stay in or go out tonight. I'm getting hungry, so I need to make a decision fast.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Guilt

Star Prairie, Wisconsin
May 29, 2010

I feel badly that I have neglected my blog lately. My only explanation is that our last six weeks have been packed with: one major surgery, one business trip, and two personal vacations among other things. I'm excited to settle into a fun (albeit scorching) Texas summer.

I've been thinking I'd expand the blog focus a little beyond just the dog topics; that way I'll have more to write about and can share a broader perspective of this doggy mom's life. And at any rate it's my blog, and I'll do what I want to! Ha ha. I have absolutely been loving the fashion & beauty blogs that I follow, and even they seem to write beyond fashion & beauty to include lifestyle and personal updates. Another thing I have noticed about those blogs is that they pretty much blog 5-6 times a week. It keeps readers entertained and keeps the blog fresh and moving. Not that I am entertaining readers, but I like the idea of keeping a blog as a sort of a modern evolving journal.

Ok, I think that's enough of this late night babble. Until next time...


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June already!

I was horrible about blogging in May. It went by in a flurry with my trip and all. Here is a picture of Vincent, the family dog.

We have an adoption event coming up this Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to move one or two of these pups into their forever home. It will be HOT, so here's hoping I can keep them comfortable.