Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Animals as Gifts

American Humane Association

The holidays are a popular time for welcoming a new furry friend into your family. There may not be a greater gift for homeless animals than to open your heart and home to them. As they do year-round, animal shelters have thousands of wonderful companions available for adoption.

But whether you are considering a new friend for you or someone else, remember that choosing an animal is a big decision. Instead of bringing home an animal right away, consider putting together and wrapping an “adoption kit.” Fill a box with toys, a bed, a leash, a collar, food, treats and a gift certificate for adoption fees at your local shelter. Then, make an event of visiting the shelter to find your next best friend!

Remember, millions of homeless animals wait for a home each year! Give the gift of life this year and choose to adopt!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So long, Duke!

Duke was found by one of Adam's co-workers a few weeks ago. We made him a SNIPSA dog, and we knew he would go quickly. There were still leads on the other beagle, Daisy, for us to follow up on. He went to his forever home on Saturday. He is now at home with a young couple and their female lab. Merry Christmas, Duke!

Full House for the Holidays

Old Mama

Sweet Camilla

We will have quite a full house this Christmas. We have our eight in the permanent pack: Mason, Colby, Sidney, Nala, Keifer, Spec, Katie, and Jilly. Dasher, Bandit, and Camilla make eleven; they are all SNIPSA fosters. Big Stan makes twelve; he is a personal long-term foster. Rudy makes thirteen; he is staying with us while his family gets back on their feet. Mama rounds us out at fourteen; she is a rescue who is eventually going to her forever home with a friend of ours.