Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Love the Unloved

You’ve had a hard life,

And it’ll be shorter than it should.

You’ve never been loved the way you deserve,

And if I could make it up to you, I would.

Your life is priceless and precious,

And deserved to be treated as such.

Yet those charged with your care,

Felt this requirement was too much.

You have reached the end of your road

Without every finding love and joy on the way.

I don’t have the words to make up for this,

I wish there was more I could say.

I have just minutes to make up for years of neglect;

Countless abuses I’d like to correct.

Since I can’t turn back the hands of time,

I’ll use these few minutes to love you like mine.

So crawl in my lap, close your eyes, make a nest.

There’s nothing left to fear – it’s time for you to rest.

The hard times are over, you’ll feel no more pain.

Now you’re my dog, and forever you’ll remain.

My eyes are filled with tears, for you I am crying.

They’re tears of joy, though, not because you are dying.

After all of these years, all you’ve been through,

You allow me to love you; and you love me too.

Goodnight, my sweet friend,

Know these tears are for you.

Every dog deserves to be loved enough to make someone cry;

This is the least I can do.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Puppies = Happiness

Since Sammy has been such a joy for us to foster we have happily brought in more foster puppies. Life is like a Charmin commercial around here, only you don't see all the accidents on the commercials. They make us so happy; every day is a new adventure with puppies. Every day they learn to do something new. They are just like human babies, but much less demanding. Haha. We love them to bits!

February Farewells

Bauer 2009

As February is quickly coming to an end, I'm reflecting back on the doggy stuff that happened this month. Charlie, Felipe, Bauer, and Elle all went to their forever homes. Charlie settled into apartment life with a very nice bachelor. Felipe found his home with a big family in a big house with a big yard. Bauer lives in a beautiful home with a very lovely young couple. And last, but most definitely not least, Miss Ellie Belly went home home to be a furry companion to another friendly young couple.

Edit: I suppose I should note where all these dogs came from. Charlie was a stray rescued by my husband's coworker. I admitted him into the rescue and helped coordinate his adoption. She fostered him. Felipe was living in a yard on the West side when we picked him up; he was briefly fostered by friends of ours first and then we fostered him. Bauer was a stray that was rescued by my husband in October 2008. We fostered him, and then he was adopted, returned and re-adopted. He was our only return ever, and it was people issues not dog issues. Finally, my husband rescued Elle off a chain. She was first fostered by a lady who also volunteers in rescue. For the last couple months she was with us.