Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seven Pounds a Day

...Of dog food, that is. I've calculated that the dogs eat seven pounds of dog food a day. And that's just the regular formula which doesn't include the puppy food and the diet food. So eleven dogs are eating seven pounds of food a day. Can that be right? We just went through a thirty-five pound bag in about five days. Fortunately, we can afford it, and it's a lifestyle we choose.

In other ramblings, I had my first dog fight tonight since Adam's been gone. The dogs were playing in the den and somehow Camilla got caught in the middle; Camilla did not feel like playing. She got cranky with them and four of them jumped her. She has a scrape on her "udder" and a pretty good puncture near her lady bit. Yay for hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and extra antibiotics that we have on hand. There's really nothing you can do but let it heal and try to protect against infection. The things you learn from a house full of rescue dogs.

Cranky Camilla

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