Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hooray - Daddy's home!

The doggies' daddy, that is. Picked him up yesterday from the airport. We had dinner out to catch up, then he played his new video game and I cleaned the bedroom. Now we're both home for awhile, so we just get to sit back and see what life unfolds for us this summer.

I'm really kind of anxious/excited to see if we will get orders anywhere this year. I am anxious/worried that we will get orders where we can't take all our dogs. I guess we would cross that bridge when we come to it. Then again, we could get someplace really cool where we can bring the dogs along. Hoping it's the latter.

I think I'm going to join Planet Fitness this week. The thought of jogging and being outside sounds completely horrible. Even if it's at night it's still ridiculously warm.

Still trying to keep up with daily chores and my room "zones" that I set up a long time ago. Last night went well. I am determined to keep up with it every day. I have to. I hate living in a disaster zone.

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