Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Own Big Bad Dog Bite

I got bitten by one of our foster dogs on Wednesday night. Adam was introducing two dogs off-leash in the backyard. About five minutes into the introduction a fight broke out. I ran out to help. I tried to grab one of the dogs, but he didn't have a collar on making things harder. I tried to pull his back legs out from behind him, but he locked them up. Then Adam handed me the other dog by the collar (who was still being attacked). In his frightened state, he reached around and bit my right wrist. YEEEOUCH!

I cleaned it well and started taking antibiotics immediately. In terms of pain the first day was the worst; the pain made me nauseous. Sleeping was very uncomfortable for a couple nights. Thankfully I have not developed an infection, and it is feeling better every day.

From now on I'm using a broom or a hose to help break up a fight...!

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