Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Big Fix - a Great Success!

The rescue organization we primarily work with held their first ever free clinic yesterday. It was a tremendous success! There were tons of committed volunteers on hand to make sure everything went smoothly. It was totally nuts and busy for 16 hours, but I loved every second of it. They originally planned to do 75 surgeries, but they did 106. We just couldn't say no to the walk-ups.

They altered the animals, vaccinated them, and microchipped them. San Antonio is the worst city in the country for euthanizing healthy dogs and cats (strays), and we held the clinic in the worst district in the city who represent the most euthanizations in town. Cra

Adam is also the local rep for a national anti-chaining organization (Dogs Deserve Better), and he got someone to surrender four chained-up rotties who were at the clinic. They all belonged to the same woman; they were just things to her. Sadly, two of them are heartworm positive. They are all already accepted into our rescue program, so they will receive all the medical attention they need. They are our new project. One of them, Wally, even came home with us. He is the sweetest boy ever; he is a rare red Rottie. Pictures to come soon.

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