Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm so tired my eyes are burning. I feel super cranky. Here's why:

12:00 am - come home from quinceanera

1:00 am - go to bed after some web surfing

1:02 am - jump out of bed because the dogs start fighting

1:02 - 2:00 am - take care of the nasty gash on Spec's belly as a result of said fighting

2:00 am - go back to bed. again.

2:01 am - get up to clean up the pee I realize I stepped in; someone got a little overwhelmed during the fight

2:15 am - decide to go to sleep on the couch near Spec so I can moniter her through the night. discover that Katie is actually the one having accidents in the living room. clean that up, too.

3:45 am - wake up extremely ill. i will spare you the details.

4:00 am - back to sleep for the third time.

7:45 am - awakened by Stormy crawling directly on top of me and simultaneous barking from Stormy, Colby, and Sid. Lovely.

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