Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recent Highlights

April 4
"Special Dogs for Special People" SNIPSA event at Alzafar Shrine. No adoptions; it was a quiet event.

April 20
Took Driver the Cat out to Rachel's for temporary foster care.

April 21
Adam went to Austin for the presentation of anti-chaining legislation. He met other DDB folks up there. Unfortunately, it did not make it out of committee.

April 25
Walked with SNIPSA in the Flambeau Parade with all the pups. Wonderful exposure for SNIPSA.

April 26
Took Driver the Cat to Sally's for long-term foster care.

April 27
Went to the Humane Society for the open forum featuring the mayoral candidates discussing animal welfare issues in San Antonio. Not horribly impressed or convinced by any one candidate. Micro chimps. LOL.

May 2
"Woofstock at Waterloo" SNIPSA event in Austin. Shannon received an award and a grant. It was a bit warm for the pups - not to mention the humans.

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  1. i didnt know you blogged!!
    HA! im your follower now!!

    I used to blog on myspace a lot.. and then myspace became very ghetto.. so i found this a few months ago.. and im back into the bloggin world..

    i saw this blog through my phone last night.. stayed up reading your entries.. (yes.. on my

    Catch ya later!