Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

We woke up with the pups and did a full 'pup shuffle'. A pup shuffle is letting them all outside in turns so that no one who doesn't get along is outside together, and then making sure they all have food and water. It takes quite awhile these days.

Adam went to check on an emaciated and extremely ill chained-up pit bull. This was his second visit; he slipped the dog a heartworm prevention/medication treat and left a note for the owners. If they don't contact him in 24 hours he will give the go-ahead to the Animal Welfare Officer who he has already contacted. The officer will then give them 24 hours to take the animal to the vet; if they don't he will be seized immediately.

While Adam did that I:

*cleaned up the house a little
*gave Stormy, the foster, her cocktail of meds
*brushed a couple dogs
*made a phone call to our rescue vet
*lured back naughty Sidney after he slipped under our back fence

Later this afternoon we paid Tyson a visit out at the ADL. We also visited our favorite shelter manager. The shelter is moving in a different direction; we will see how it goes over the next few months.

As far as animal rescue, Adam got a call today from someone who is fostering a pit bull for "us". She was freaking out because Sweet Pea was chewing on her stuff. Umm, maybe this is not someone who is the best candidate to be a foster mom. Just a thought. He talked her into keeping her until Tuesday when she gets fixed, and then we can move her into another foster home. I was emailed by a co-worker about a stray cat; by the time I called her the cat had escaped their backyard already.

Spectre and Stormy are doing well in our home. I think Katie is going to be a Moran after all. We'll see. Stan has a home visit tomorrow - fingers crossed! No dog has ever been more deserving of a forever home.

We have never been busier with animal rescue. Every day there are phone calls and emails with tips about neglected, abused, chained dogs. It feels like what we are doing is only a drop in the bucket, but if there are others who are putting drops in the bucket maybe one day it will come close to being full.

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