Friday, April 10, 2009

A Puppy Tale III

When we met we had three dogs between us: Mason, Nala, and Keifer. Right as we started dating Adam rescued Sid after he was dumped at the dog park, putting the grand total at four dogs. For a year we had a pack of four. Seems like such a small number now. Ha.

Right around Christmas 2007 Adam picked up Colby from the southside. He was supposed to go straight to a shelter, but I couldn't bear it since it was Christmas and all. Adam pointed out that Colby did not know it was Christmas. We kept him anyhow.

In June 2008 we decided to take the plunge and adopt number six - Reina. The Animal Defense League of San Antonio originally had 100 Hurricane Katrina animals, and after nearly three years at the shelter she was the only one who had not been adopted. Being big, black, and old were three strikes against her. We figured she should have a good home for her last few years. And besides, if you're gonna have five why not have six?

We have become increasingly involved with animal rescue, and we have met some wonderful dogs and people in the process. There are so many ways you can get involved in the process. You can help animals receive the vet care they need, improve their current living conditions, even foster them or help re-home them. We currently have three fosters who we are hoping to place in their forever homes. Yes, that puts our grand total at nine right now. It is a bit complicated, but we make it work. People say we are crazy, but crazy is a relative term. Look at the shows like Jon and Kate plus Eight or Seventeen Kids and Counting. Having more children than average is a lifestyle that is not only possible but also rewarding, and the same goes for having more dogs than the average family. Maybe we should have a reality show. Nah, that would be boring to watch.

And it all started with Mason. Oh, Mason.

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