Friday, April 10, 2009

A Puppy Tale II

I should start this blog by mentioning that up until a few years ago I was scared of dogs and never really like them much. I never had dogs while I was growing up, so that's why I was scared of them. Mason himself terrified me on a regular basis during the first year I had him. He was quite the mouthy puppy, and I couldn't get this little creature to stop nipping me and everyone in the house! To this day no one can believe the transformation that has occurred in my feelings towards dogs. I went from never having a dog - and never wanting one - to having many of my own and being very involved in animal rescue. Now I can't imagine my life without dogs in some capacity.

Despite my former feelings about dogs, I always had a fantasy about having a black lab puppy of my own. Don't ask me where that came from; I have no idea. Having had Mason for over three years now, however, I don't think he is lab at all. Our best guess is that he is some sort of Weimaraner mix.

Anyhow...back to the ways this dog has influenced my life. From the moment I got him I have treated him like my child. He went to the best doggie daycare in Minneapolis when I was a student. Having a large dog limited my housing options, so finding an apartment in Minneapolis and then San Antonio was a bit of a task. Giving him up or leaving him behind was not an option. When I adopted to him, I committed to him for his lifetime.
Mason and I moved to San Antonio on our own in July 2006. Being less than impressed with the doggie daycares here, I was forced to start taking him to the dog park every day after work. Little did I know that Mason was leading me straight to my husband! We met at the dog park, started talking and dating, and the rest is history. Everyone says it is just like a movie...

To be continued...

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