Friday, April 10, 2009

FAQ about the Pack

Are they all indoor dogs? Don't they mess up the house and ruin everything?

Yes, they are all indoor dogs. We don't believe in dogs living outdoors 24/7. No, they don't mess up the house. They are all housebroken, and they actually like to keep their living areas clean just as much as we do. There are accidents occasionally, but it is not a regular occurrence.

Don't they eat a lot? Isn't it expensive to feed them?

Our own pack of six go through forty pounds of food in ten days. Three bags of dog food per month is not expensive, and we even purchase high-quality dog food. We are diligent about keeping up with monthly and yearly preventative care. That combined with their good food keeps them healthy and keeps our costs down.

Do they all get along?

For the most part they all get along. They are a pack, which is how they should live. They are highly social and there is a hierarchy. Of course, there are squabbles here and there as is the case with any social creatures.

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