Saturday, August 20, 2011

Isn't it Ironic?

There was a third house we were going to make an offer on, but we didn't get the preapproval since the banker didn't have certain papers in hand. This was probably a good thing because yesterday we were contacted by the realtor from our first bid; they told us the deal fell through and wanted to know if we were still interested. This is the first house we were interested in and wanted really bad. We made two offers on the first go-around and ultimately lost out to someone else. So we bid on it again and the owners accepted. What an emotional rollercoaster. Now we're waiting on the bank to accept it and get a closing date. Tons to do.

This week was very busy at work and at home. I'm refinancing my car to make the new home purchase easier. I need our future tenant to sign the lease. I need to start rounding up dog crates for all the doggies...etc, etc, etc.

The doggies are well. We've been taking car rides lately, and they love it. I plan to take the puppies to Petsmart for some socialization.


  1. Hey! I am so happy to hear this. It makes me sad, now with school starting I am extremely busy... I wish i could go spend some more time with you. my sundays are pretty open, aside from so let me know if we can do something.