Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Puppies! January 2010.

I am currently down to TEN dogs. Yes, JUST ten dogs. We've not had such a low number in quite awhile. Sad that this is a low number for this house.

Freddie's visit went well; I think it's going to stick and be a fabulous home for him. AND she is very interested in Stanford. It's like a new year's miracle. I literally cried like a baby after that visit out of sheer happiness and relief.

Clara is currently on a trial visit. It could go either way depending on how long they try it out. We really think if someone gives it several days it would work out. But we'll see...

I am basically down to two "cycles" within the pup shuffle - Tyler and then everyone else. Like I've been saying we hope to get Tyler to a better place ASAP. Sigh.

Going from 14 to 10 makes things much more manageable for me. Ha, I remember when 8 was overwhelming! They are starting to seem more like pets/companions and less like a part-time job. Part of me is terrified that all who have gone will come back, and I'll be back at 14 dogs all alone.

Hoping this momentum continues in 2011!

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