Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anything Else?

I had a lot of doggie stuff on my plate today. There was an applicant who was interested in Eddie and Geneva. I did not feel it was a good match for either of them, but it's not easy to turn down a potential home when they are few and far between. However, it had to be done, because I just wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise. They can't make decisions for themselves, so it's up to me to make the best decisions for them.

We have been presented with the opportunity to send Clara and Eddie to doggie bootcamp where they would be boarded, socialized, and trained - essentially they would be fostered by the camp. While that was the good news today, I had a bit of bad news. Seems things are going super well for Freddie. I'm hoping he can also get in on the doggie bootcamp, so that he too can be a well-mannered member of canine society. We'll see.

Also, Katie keeps picking on Nala. She has attacked her three times in the last four days I think; I'm not exactly sure why. My husband thinks that now that she is gaining confidence she is challenging Nala for leader of the pack position. Whatever the reason it's not acceptable. With increased supervision and redirection it will hopefully come to an end.

Oh, and I almost forgot to add...The lady who just returned Clara called today to tell me she found a litter of puppies dumped at her church and was wondering if I could do something. Hmmm, no? I'm trying to adopt dogs out not bring dogs in. Of course I did not say it like that. Then she asked if SNIPSA had a truck that went around picking up dogs. I told her that unfortunately they don't, but both ACS and ADL should be able to help with puppies. And of course she asked if I had those numbers. Sorry, no. I was in the middle of working. Sigh.

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