Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Latest Casualty

On Friday the 13th our beloved new leather couch fell victim to Miss Camilla's teeth. Now, we have probably lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of items to the dogs' chewing, and I'm *mostly* to the point where it doesn't bother me anymore. It's part of life with the pack. BUT this destruction was just downright depressing. Sigh.

On this day Stanford also ripped the mattress and box spring in the guest room. Spectre also decided it was time to start pulling up the tiles again and munching on them for a snack. I keep telling myself that "they're just things, they're just things".

1 comment:

  1. aww rebecca! you are such a patient mommy! and you are certainly right... they are just things.

    I dont know how you deal with it all. I look up to you for it... just so you know!

    love ya!