Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I feel total despair right now. I am desperate for these fosters to find their own wonderful forever homes. Fostering is supposed to be a temporary situation, and some of these fosters have been not-so temporary fixtures here. My heart is breaking because we have so many it is such an undertaking just to feed, water, and provide basic care for them. They deserve so much more in the way of attention, training, and TLC. They deserve their own loving family where they can be the sole focus. I just feel completely burned out. We have had Stan for going on two years, Camilla for nine months, the two puppies for six months, and Freddie for several months. Now we have Tyler, who has special needs and is a work in progress, as well as Geneva - who knows how long we will have her. She is small and easy, so hopefully someone will snatch her up. Not to mention Hank, who we are babysitting for far longer than anticipated. He's easy too, but he IS another very large dog in the house.

I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel for these dogs, and it makes me very very sad right now...

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