Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Update

Well, Big Fix 6 was a smashing success. I think our team altered, vaccinated, and microchipped over 175 animals that day. It was horribly hot and humid, but so worth it.

Speaking of horribly hot and humid, that's exactly how I would describe the indoor adoption event in July. It actually felt like a sauna, and it made both the dogs and the humans miserable. You actually had to go OUTSIDE to cool off. Not ok.

Fosters available for adoption right now: Camilla, Eduardo, Clara, Freddie, Stanford, Geneva, and Tyler.

Sadly, Tyler's home fell through and even more sad - he tested positive for heartworms tonight. Also, several of the dogs have a cough that seems to be pretty contagious. Sigh. Kinda feels like our dog world is caving in on us right now. We'll get through it, though. We always do.

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