Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh, Hi!

What a week.

The day I posted the 'burnout' post I had the worst dog fight ever here at the house. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Although the two dogs involved were both probably ill at the time of the fight, so that could have contributed to it. It was a 10-15 minute fight, and I think it really traumatized both of the dogs as well as me. I won't go into more detail, but the dogs are both fine and I am ok too.

I have a three-day weekend, so I am getting lots of things done - cleaning, errands, phone calls, emails, appointments, etc. On the weekends I like to do my daily chores, weekly chores, and some decluttering projects to get ready for moving. So far I've gone through the master closet, dressers, armoire, bathroom drawers and cupboards, the junk drawer, ALL of our papers/paperwork/filing, and the dog records. I think that's far. I still need to go through three closets, the kitchen, den, laundry room, and the garage. We have so much junk.

My sister is coming to visit me for a week. Yay - I'm so excited!! I am also working the morning shift of the next Big Fix the day she flies in. I'm ready to relax and have some fun, since I'm stuck here and can't really go anywhere. My fun is coming to me!

Still busy getting everything in order for the doggies to go to Hawaii. The vet at Lackland is TDY for several weeks, so I had to try and get appointments at Ft. Sam which has proven to be a total nightmare and next to impossible. I think we are going to work with a different vet we know to get some of it done.

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