Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

I just went back and re-read my blogs from around this time last year. We had fourteen dogs in the home at the time, and it was a pretty different crowd from who we have now. Some found their forever homes, one went back to his family when they got back on their feet, and one completed her time on this Earth.

When I think of Christmas time last year, I think of all the time spent out at the sanctuary with Tyler during our time off. I think of Teddy, who was rescued from his chain after ten long years at the end of it. I think of little Sammy who we nursed back to health after he died on the operating table while being neutered. Now Tyler lives with us as Adam works on a permanent placement for him. Teddy and Sammy went to great homes.


Colby, our own Christmas puppy, turned four today. He has been with us for three years, and he is the most wonderful gentle dog you could hope for. I wished him Happy Birthday, but I don't think he knows what I was saying.

Happy Birthday, ColbyJack!!

Current Roster: Mason, Nala, Keifer, Sid, Colby, Katie, Jill, Spec, and (probably) Stan. That's nine. SNIPSA dogs Eddie, Clara, Freddie, Suzy, and Geneva make fourteen. Tyler the HHS dog makes fifteen, and Hank makes sixteen. Hank will be going back to his mommy soon. Freddie, Suzy, and Geneva will hopefully be going to new fosters soon. And Tyler should be going somewhere where he will be more comfortable in the next couple months.

Other than all that, we are healthy and happy this holiday season. We've got our own routine going now that Adam is gone. Things will only get better and better for all these dogs in 2011!

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