Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spectre Update

Spectre ended up staying at our regular clinic for three days, and her wound was packed three times while she was under anesthesia. On the third day they were able to sew up a little more of the wound, so the improvement was tremendous when I picked her up after work that Monday.

She had a LOT of meds and treatments here at home over the last two weeks. She has been an incredible little patient - very tolerant and easy to care for. She goes in this week to get her stitches out, and then we just wait for a little while for the remainder of the injury to close on it's own.

The other pups are doing well, healthy and happy. We are working on finding better situations for Tyler & Freddie. Hank leaves soon - I think. I have been taking the girls to adoption events. Hoping for some new forever homes soon!

me & my baby

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