Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Gonna be a Single Mom

Camilla, March 2010

My husband got orders to move to Florida for a six-month military training, so as of this Sunday I will be holding down the fort by myself. I can't go along with him because I have a career here, we own a home, and we have all the dogs. So with two weeks' notice we are getting ready to send him off.

He is taking two of our own dogs with him, so that will help me out some. A good friend is taking over foster care for Camilla and possibly Eddie at a later date. Hank's mom will be home from Afghanistan in December, and then hopefully throughout the six months I will be able to adopt out any remaining fosters.

Upon the completion of his training my husband will either be stationed back here or out in the Baltimore/DC area. Hoping he gets Texas so we don't have to sell the house and move all the dogs. We'll see. This will be an interesting six months for sure.

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