Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gorgeous Day in SA

Sidney's grandpa face

It's sunny and warm - a perfect Sunday. Well, as perfect as Sunday's get. I hate Sunday. I spend the entire day dreading Monday. Always have.

ANYHOW, I wish I would write more frequently. Maybe 4-5 times a week. We'll see. I'll definitely have a lot to write about after the move to Hawaii.

The doggies' daddy should be home within the next week after seven months away for training. He'll be here for a month, and then he's off to Hawaii. We will all follow as soon as possible. We have to juggle selling our home here, buying a new one, shipping the dogs, I have to find a job there, etc. Our goal is for us all to be there before January.

Tyler is going to Spindletop on June 15. He is the only foster in the house right now. Although once he's gone I'll have to get used to have Jill and Keifer around again.

Guess that's about it. Happy Sunday!

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