Saturday, July 10, 2010

Runaway Dogs

About two weeks ago I agreed to do a home visit for SNIPSA for two dogs going to the same home. It was hot, I had several things to do at the office when I picked them up, and I was trying to stay on a schedule. First I picked up and dropped off some stuff, and then I loaded up the dogs one at a time. I opened the truck windows about six inches and turned the A/C on full blast.

Then I realized I needed to get food for them out of the shed in the backyard at the office. There were two large Labs back there, and it was muddy. I was still in my work clothes...You can see where this is going. When I brought the food in through the office, one of the labs nosed his way into the door. He ran up to the food bin, nosed the lid off, and started helping himself to some kibble. As I was going after him the other one followed. First lab growled to protect his food and sent kibble flying. Now there's dog food and mud on the floor. Great. I got the dogs back into the yard and cleaned up the mess inside. I take the food and head out to the truck, finally.

As I approach the truck I can't see the dogs that I had loaded up. When I'm next to the truck they're....GONE! I jumped in the truck, tore down the drive and slammed the gate behind me. I immediately see them; a nice lady is holding their leashes and giving them water just down the block. She had already called the number on their ID tags, which reaches the director of SNIPSA. I called her right away to tell her to disregard the voicemail about the found dogs. Everything was ok; they were back in my possession. Huge sigh of relief.

And if you're wondering, I did NOT tell their new family about my little fiasco that happened just minutes before their visit. Both dogs were adopted as a result of that visit and they are living happily with their new family.

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