Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Update



Currently in the house:
the permanent pack (8)
SNIPSA dogs: Camilla, Elle, Dasher, Teddy, Sammy the pup (5)
Special projects Stan & Mama (2)
Grand total: 15 dogs

Bandit got adopted over the holidays and Rudy went back to Shaina's. We visited Tyler out at SARA sanctuary. We brought Teddy home (DDB rescue). We saw Sammy the miracle pup make progress every day towards his full recovery.

We have another Big Fix coming up on January 23. We will be at a new location, so there is much anticipation to see how it will turn out at this new locale. Also, we will be finding out more about the position Adam interviewed for at the ADL in this new year. We are excited to see where this new year will take us in the rescue world.

Pictures of Teddy & Sammy to come.

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